Featured Author

Elizabeth Bellsey

Marketing & Business Development Coordinator

BAM Architecture Studio

  • Member, SMPS-NY
  • Leadership Committee

Contracts are an integral part of daily operations, and it is vital to cover all the key details to protect our firms throughout all phases of a project. Before working with a client or consultant, have you ever wondered about professional or contractual liability? Do you know about the legal exposure created under a contract or how to approach a contract dispute? If any of these questions have crossed your mind, join the SMPS-NY Leadership Committee on 10/24 as we drill deep into the high-risk environment of the A/E/C industry.

This two-hour Leadership Lunch will feature a panel of esteemed speakers including principals, legal counsel, and technical leadership across renowned A/E/C firms. These respected leaders will share helpful insights, best practices, and staff responsibilities to successfully navigate the risk management process.

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