SMPS-NY announces a two-part series designed for C-Suite executives, business developers, and marketing directors!


Part One: The Principals’ Breakfast – Building Meaningful Profitability in 2019

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Haworth Showroom, 125 Park Avenue, 2nd. Floor

8:00 – 10:30 a.m.


Part Two: Delivering Value – An Interactive C-Suite Discussion with Private Sector Clients

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

Haworth Showroom, 125 Park Avenue, 2nd. Floor

8:00-10:30 a.m.

Why do the architecture and engineering industries lag behind when it comes to profitability? What can firm leaders do to improve their organization’s profitability? How can we, as service professionals, increase our value to our clients? And then translate that value into profitability?

Join us for our upcoming two-part series, which will explore profitability—defined as the open space between a firm’s ability to articulate its value proposition and its ability to deliver efficiently. To grow profit, therefore, one must increase the space between them. However, our industry faces many unique challenges—from competitive recruitment to changing technologies—that relentlessly squeeze out room for profit, making it seem impossible. We will explore key relationships that can change the profitably equation and put A+E on par with other professional services—and even other industries.

In Part One, Brent Robertson, of future design firm Fathom , will guide us in a collective inquiry of profitability, provoking discussion with questions like:

  • What if efficiency wasn’t seen as an enemy to creativity, but an enabler of it?  
  • What if everyone in the firm understood the business impact of their decisions?
  • What if we spoke about what really matters to our clients, instead of what we love about our own story?
  • What if our clients hired us because of how much value we create for them vs. how much of us they can get for how little?

In Part Two, C-Suite executives will exchange ideas with private sector clients in the university, health care, and residential sectors, about ways that AEC companies can bring more value to clients in a competitive market.  

If you are serious about becoming more profitable and want to go beyond commonly known and previously used strategies, don’t miss these events, recommended for AEC firm leaders responsible for:

  • Setting vision and strategic direction
  • Culture, employee recruiting and engagement
  • Marketing, branding and business/partner development
  • Operations and project management

To get the most out of these first-of-their-kind workshops, we highly recommend attendance by more than one member of your team, each with a unique perspective into your firm. However, because of their interactive nature, seating will be limited, so be sure to register you firm’s attendees today.

Register for Part 1 here

Register for Parts 1 & 2 here

We are excited about what we will uncover together and look forward to seeing you there!