What determines an area as a hotspot of Economic Development? We find these municipalities and regions swirling in growth and activity, with not only new building construction and developments, but adaptive reuse projects, increased housing (both affordable and market rate), a surge of new businesses, cutting-edge food and drink, and plenty of opportunities to participate in community and cultural events. These are places where positive things are happening and people want to be part of the action!

“Hotspots” organically develop into economic hubs, increasing employment opportunities, healthcare availability, and attracting banks and investors, as well as larger companies that support a more educated workforce. In southwestern Connecticut alone, approximately 21,163 healthcare jobs are expected to be created between now and 2026, and healthcare providers are expanding their facilities in development hot spots in order to attract and house new talent.

Join the exciting conversation on October 10th, at Western Connecticut State University. Representatives from Westchester County, the Hudson Valley, and Fairfield County will discuss the work that is set to impact, or already impacting our communities.

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