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Carrie Villani

Director of Marketing

Leslie E. Robertson Associates

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  • Chair, SMPS-NY Coordinators Club
Are you looking to take the next step in your career but aren’t sure how to get there? Sarah Hoff, Principal at Cerami & Associates will share the tale of her career trajectory at the next SMPS-NY Coordinators Club on February 10th.  As the Principal in Charge of Marketing, Sarah works as part of Cerami’s firm leadership team to develop their long term strategy, and create a unified marketing communications plan in support of the firm’s overall image in the marketplace. So how did Sarah get from Point A. Administrative Assistant at Nasser Nakib Architect to Point B. Principal in Charge of Marketing at Cerami? Join the next Coordinators Club to hear Sarah’s not-always-linear personal success story. Topics covered will include how to identify skills to acquire and build on and how to detect and overcome challenges and avoid setbacks as you progress in your career. We will review how to build a reliable network and identify internal and external partners in your success. We will discuss the importance of demonstrating value to your firm and enhancing their industry reputation. Participants will recognize steps to take to achieve success in their careers and be able create a vision for their own path forward in their careers. Sarah’s personal tale is sure to be inspiring and exciting! In addition, Carrie Villani and Sarah will launch their Top Ten Pet Peeves of what coordinators should avoid. Join us for a fun and engaging talk with a leader we can all look up to. Hosted at the offices of Leslie E. Robertson Associates on February 10th, early Valentine’s Day treats will be served. Check out the event page here!