[insert-author-info] Join us on Wednesday, October 21st from 8 – 10 AM at The Yale Club for a panel moderated by Kenneth Levien, FAIA, Founder and President of Levien & Company and with speakers Marlon Aranda, Project Director-Strategic Assessment, Planning, and Design, New York University, Michael Joy, Director of Campus Planning, The New School, and John Puglisi, P.E., Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, Fordham University. More speakers to come!

[expand title=”Continue reading…”] As technological changes occur, colleges and universities have to keep in step by implementing upgrades to their classrooms and housing options to compete for new students and retain their existing enrollees. Though some institutions have the opportunity to build new, many others are renovating and updating existing classrooms and residential housing. Learn how institutions are budgeting and planning for these changes on their campuses. How will they meet the needs of both current and future students? How can flexibility be built into the designs so adjustments are easier as technology advances? How do they use design (both architectural and landscape) to differentiate their institution from others in order to keep enrollment stable or increase the number of students attending? What changes are being seen in residence halls? And how do these institutions qualify new consultants on their campuses? What upcoming projects are planned on their campuses? Come hear from our panel of higher education experts to learn about the new technologies and features institutions are incorporating into their campuses today. Find out more and register to attend here.[/expand]