Featured Author

Christy Rose

Client Relations Manager

Liebhaber Company
  • Member, SMPS-NY
  • Director, Programs Committee

New York City’s modular construction market – what does it promise? Increased productivity, lower costs, affordable housing opportunities. But to date, we are still grappling with delivering successful modular projects that live up to their promise.

But, New York City is not shaken easily and it is forging ahead with new city initiatives and private development opportunities that will deliver many modular projects for years to come.

How can AEC firms position themselves to take advantage of this explosive growth in what is still very unchartered territory?

Come join us on July 25th to learn the tricks from some of the top modular construction experts in NYC and in the world. Each panelist will provide insightful information including:

  • What are new initiatives such as Modular NYC and other private development opportunities that are available to the local AEC market?
  • How do you develop a strong modular project strategy?
  • What does a success team look like – from design, through fabrication and construction
  • What are the key pitfalls that have historically encumbered modular projects and how do you avoid them?
  • What are the nuances and challenges of modular construction in NYC?
  • The panel and cocktail reception will be held at the beautiful Steelcase penthouse showroom overlooking Central Park!

Register today and come mingle with other AEC movers and shakers to learn about modular strategies and how to leverage them in the multi-family, health care, and affordable housing sectors. We’ll see you there!e you there!