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WB Engineers+Consultants
What are your areas of expertise? Our work includes: mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire alarm and fire protection engineering, commissioning, special inspections and civil engineering. What makes us good at what we do is that we do what we love. We’re problem solvers by nature – which is why our team studied engineering. We find solutions for projects including corporate interiors, mission critical, life sciences, retail, educational, and many other project types in between.

[expand title=”Read more about WB Engineers…”] What differentiates you from your competition? Communicator. Client advocate. Business person’s engineer. These aren’t typical descriptions for engineers, but they are all great ways to describe WB Engineers+Consultants. Since our first day of business in October 1999, and on the thousands of projects that we’ve completed, we help our clients make good business decisions about their systems and spaces. We take complex MEP/FP engineering information and make it easy to understand – so that they in turn can make smart decisions. What is one of your firm’s goals for this year and in coming years? We believe in investing in technology to help us deliver our work more efficiently. We were early adopters to REVIT for our engineering process and we’re currently implementing 3-D scanning technology to improve our survey process. One of our goals is to always have the best technology in place to help us get our work done, and that way we can spend more time communicating with our clients. What new trends in the industry do you anticipate affecting your business in the near future? We have a long history of success in helping our clients with repositioning their buildings and spaces. What we’ve found in our research and heard at events – including SMPS-NY’s Industry forecast in January – is that there is a growing need for this niche expertise. How does SMPS impact your business? In so many positive ways! If our marketers need to know something that they don’t, SMPS is an incredible resource. If we want to hear from industry experts, SMPS has fantastic client panels. And in terms of fostering relationships in an industry where success is so much about great relationships, SMPS is unmatched in giving us the opportunity to build our network.[/expand]