Corporate Sponsor, SMPS-NY

1. What are your areas of expertise? As a multidiscipline consulting engineering, science and planning firm, we offer a number of services and technologies. Additionally, we have thought leaders in many respective sub/niche services as well, such as hydrogeology, underwater bridge inspection and façade evaluations to name just a few. With all of this, personalized service is key and we work with the client to determine the solution that best suits their needs.

[expand title=”Read more about Pennoni…”] 2. What differentiates you from your competition? There are many things that differentiate us from our competition but we’ll touch on just a few:

•Our company is in its 50th year in business. While not all that remarkable for many companies, it is quite a milestone in the engineering world.

•The company not only survived the economic downturn but thrived during those times…one of the reasons ENR selected us as the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Design Firm of the Year.

•We are an employee-owned firm so everyone has a vested interest in doing the best job for our clients…and our employees love what they do. As an ESOP we encourage an entrepreneurial spirit. Because of that, we are team players and partners with our clients. 3. What are you doing differently this year to market your services to your client? As we enter our 50th year, we are introducing an updated brand that reflects the strength of the past and the creativity and versatility of the future. “Partners for What’s Possible,” our new brand message, illustrates our commitment to continually put our passion, knowledge and skill into solving our clients’ challenges. Our efforts this year are not to change what we’ve been doing, but to embrace what has made the company successful. 4. What new trends in the industry do you anticipate affecting your business in the near future? While it’s not a new trend, mergers and acquisitions are increasing across the board. To continue our growth, we acquired an Ohio-based firm in March and are anticipating at least one more acquisition in a new market area in 2015. Also, we’ve been looking at growth through new markets and services including energy, international, robotics, and high definition laser scanning to name a few. 5. How does SMPS impact your business? SMPS provides resources and insight into the building industry. As we grow our New York presence, SMPS New York provides us with the opportunity to discuss with others (in the same industry) trending topics, new techniques and unique prospects. Bouncing ideas off of like-minded professionals is invaluable. All of this learned knowledge can then be applied to how we work with clients and provide a better finished product. [/expand]