Hunter Roberts

Corporate Sponsor, SMPS-NY

Hunter Roberts Construction
What are your areas of expertise? Hunter Roberts is currently celebrating a Decade of Excellence. Founded in 2005, our company quickly made a name for itself by providing comprehensive construction and contracting services, including very thorough pre-construction services, the ability to bid and negotiate work of all types, and in creating a harmonious relationship between clients, architects, engineers, and subcontractors. Hunter Roberts has booked over $6 billion in volume and established itself as a leader in the healthcare, residential, hospitality, interiors, education, waterfront, laboratories and life sciences, and several other markets.

[expand title=”Read more about Hunter Roberts…”] What differentiates you from your competition? Construction companies are facing increased market competition, requiring leaders to differentiate themselves beyond the customary “on time” and “on budget” sales approach. Hunter Roberts continues to build a Culture of Caring. This culture begins with our Incident and Injury Free (IIF) safety approach, but extends to personal health, stewardship of the communities in which we work, and the relationships we build with our business partners. Quality employees have more options than ever, so Hunter Roberts further distinguishes itself by maintaining a policy of hiring the best and presenting them with extensive opportunities to grow and develop their careers. Employees personify the organization’s client-services approach, which helps Hunter Roberts maintain key alliances and ensure repeat business. What are you doing differently this year to market your services to clients? Our marketing department is currently conducting a brand refresh to update and modernize client-facing communications. We seek not only to be a branding leader in construction, but throughout the corporate world. Company-wide, we are empowering a very diverse workforce and renewing our efforts to understand the hopes, fears, and needs of our diverse client base. What new trends in the industry do you anticipate affecting your business in the near future? Profit margins for AEC providers are slimmer today than ever before. It requires companies, and staff, to be more resourceful and lean with their operations and approach to the project. Major metropolitan areas such as New York are running out of empty space to build, so more emphasis will be made on building retrofits and infrastructure upgrades to modernize our cities and keep them competitive in the global marketplace. How does SMPS impact your business? SMPS provides several windows of opportunity for Hunter Roberts. It educates our marketers and BD staff to keep them on top of industry trends and best practices while also serving as a wonderful Rolodex to other member companies. This affords Hunter Roberts the opportunity to make new inroads with clients and partners alike. Marketers throw really good parties, too! [/expand]