Hunter Roberts

Corporate Sponsor, SMPS-NY

Hunter Roberts Construction
What are the areas of your expertise? Hunter Roberts will have its eleventh anniversary in February, and in that time, our company has made a name for itself with its comprehensive construction and contracting services. We have booked approximately $7 billion in volume, including more than $1 billion in 2015, and have established ourselves as leaders in the healthcare, residential, hospitality, interiors, education, waterfront, and laboratory markets while consistently expanding our portfolio. Hunter Roberts is known for its thorough pre-construction services, ability to bid and negotiate work of all types, and dedication to creating a productive and rewarding relationship between all members of the project team. What differentiates you from your competition? Founded in 2005 by a group of 12 construction industry veterans who wanted to build a new type of construction company, Hunter Roberts has grown into a company of nearly 250 individuals all working together to create a Culture of Caring. Going beyond “on time and on budget,” this young, diverse, and talented team has developed a relationship-focused work ethic, both within the company and with our business partners. It starts with open communication and collaboration with our clients and continues through to the job site with our Incident and Injury Free (IIF) safety approach. Hunter Roberts has made a practice of hiring the best and providing them with extensive opportunities to grow and reach their own professional goals. In turn, our employees help our clients achieve their own goals. What are you doing differently this year to market your services to clients? We recently rolled out a brand refresh that presents a concise and modern impression of our company to our clients. With this momentous effort completed at the end of 2015, we look forward to presenting our business partners with a clean, standardized proposal process while spending more time on individual projects with the goal of wedding Hunter Roberts’ passion with our clients’ vision. We plan to roll out and internal and external communications campaign focused on rebranding our IIF safety approach, both at job sites and in lessons our employees can take home with them. Finally, we’re stepping up our social media and online efforts to better promote our staff and our culture to the outside world. What new trends in the industry do you anticipate affecting your business in the near future? As the largest and most crowded metropolitan area in the United States, space in New York is limited. Owners are consistently retrofitting historic buildings, putting them to use in unique ways and adapting them to the needs of the 21st century. Spaces are no longer used simply to store stuff but to house ideas, with an emphasis on open layouts for collaboration and constant technological improvements and installations so the world is literally at our clients’ fingertips. How does SMPS impact your business? SMPS provides a multitude of opportunities to both our marketers and Hunter Roberts as a whole to learn and grow. Education in the form of panels, conferences, webinars, and other events give Hunter Roberts the ability to learn about new trends as well as to meet other members of the industry. The relationships made though SMPS bring us new allies, business partners, and friends- really, the fellowship found at SMPS cannot be beat.