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Andrew Weinberg FSMPS, CPSM

Regional Business Development Manager Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
Andrew Weinberg
  • Director at Large, SMPS New York
Open up a whole world of connections, community, and valuable information, all within a NY minute! Simply go to http://my.smps.org and start exploring. Today’s tip: Work Your Network! Work the Directory! Recently, I was tasked with helping my firm’s DC and Chicago offices’ business development efforts. SMPS network strikes again! After some strategic planning and determining our client targets, I immediately put the MySMPS Directory to work.

[expand title=”Click here to read more about MySMPS Member Directory…”]Forget six degrees of separation, with our outstanding network, we are never more than one or two steps away. Call or email, identify yourself as a fellow SMPS member, and you’re golden. And just as you are finding others, don’t forget that others are finding you. Make sure your profile is complete, not just your personal information, but your firm’s capabilities and markets. Searches can be very specific, so the more detail you have the better. I’m now regularly using this amazing directory to find key local players with the right experience, expertise, M/W/DBE designations, etc. Use this tool, but also work it by being “findable”! Good luck, and please share your success stories! Email me at ajweinberg@sgh.com.[/expand]