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Sarah Nolan Hoff Principal Cerami Associates

Sarah Nolan Hoff
  • Immediate Past-President, Director of Chapter Advisory Council
The SMPS Foundation is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization established by the Society to promote research and education that advances the body of knowledge in the field of professional services marketing and develops a greater understanding of the role and value of marketing in the industries SMPS serves.

[expand title=”Click here read more about the foundation…”] The foundation frequently publishes white papers on their research with topics ranging from Best Practices for A/E/C Strategic Alliances to the 21st Century Marketing Department to Social Networking for Competitive Advantage. The best part? This knowledge is available free to members, here! Did you know that you can also participate in the research? There are many opportunities to support the foundation from participating in research surveys to volunteer opportunities. Both are a great opportunity to serve your association and make a difference within the profession. To learn more about current studies or becoming a foundation volunteer visit: http://www.smps.org/foundation/[/expand]