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Andrew Weinberg

Regional Business Development Manager
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Andrew Weinberg
  • Director at Large, SMPS New York
Open up a whole world of connections, community, and valuable information, all within a NY minute! Simply go to http://my.smps.org and start exploring. Today’s tip: The Membership Directory

[expand title=”Click here to read this month’s MySMPS tip…”] Your Network is Bigger Than You Know! The MySMPS membership directory is a deep well of contacts at your fingertips! So many great reasons for tapping this resource. And the advanced search criteria can be as broad or specific as you like. Say you need to find an acoustics firm in Dallas or an environmental firm in Peoria. No problem! And if your search comes up short, you can always tap local architects for recommendations. One thing we know about fellow SMPS members is that we are always happy to help each other. I’ve experienced these connections in both directions. Once you identify yourself as a fellow SMPS member (from wherever you are), lines of communication open right up! [/expand]