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Andrew Weinberg FSMPS, CPSM

Regional Business Development Manager Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
Andrew Weinberg
  • Director at Large, SMPS New York
Open up a whole world of connections, community, and valuable information, all within a NY minute! Simply go to http://my.smps.org and start exploring. Today’s tip: MySMPS Communities Let’s talk communities! As a member of SMPS, you are part of an amazing network and community of friends, resources, industry knowledge, and fellow marketing and business development professionals. This community also exists virtually on MySMPS, and it would serve you well to check it out! The MySMPS Communities page is the home for many “sub”committees to serve your various interests and areas of SMPS involvement.

[expand title=”Click here to read more about MySMPS Communities…”] There are communities for chapters, committees, CPSMs, Fellows, conferences, and a plethora of specific interests. For example, those of you using InDesign as part of your daily work should check out the “Adobe Creative(ity)” community, and join! You can also create your own community and invite others. Communities offer the opportunity to start discussions, write blogs, track events or meetings, and provide storage documents easily accessed by other community members. Communities can be private for specified users only, or open to the “public” (SMPS membership). You can also decide on the frequency for receiving messages from your communities. Unlimited possibilities! [/expand]