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Alexis M. Newman, MBA

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  • President 2017-2018, SMPS New York
For me, October conjures up images of pumpkins, changing leaves, brisk weather, and fun costumes. It’s by far my favorite time of year, especially in New York, where the air is alive with the first cool breezes after a long, hot summer. For SMPS New York, October is an exciting time filled with fantastic fall events and final planning for our biggest event of the year, THE Marketing Event (TME)! As I sit here marveling over how much activity is brewing behind the scenes this fall, my Halloween-obsessed mind gets a kick out of imagining our chapter leaders dressed up as sorcerers and witches, busily casting spells and brewing magic potions. In a sense, they actually do this in real life, except that the potions they are brewing are in the form of imaginative educational programming and creating opportunities for our members to get the most out of our organization. As our magicians wrap up our October events and put the finishing touches on TME planning, I am reminded of the real magic that lies at the core of our organization—the magic that is our amazing volunteers. Without volunteers, where would we be? The win-win situation is that, not only do volunteers make the SMPS world go ’round, but they also get to grow and learn through their volunteering experience. If you are wondering how to get the most out of your SMPS membership, I hope you’ll consider getting in on the magic of volunteering. Our committees’ doors are always open. And as I’ve told several of our volunteers over the years, I recommend that you join a committee that challenges your skill sets. Volunteer to do something you have no idea how to do. I mean, what better way to grow than to learn and practice in a safe environment outside of your day-to-day profession? What better way to stand out, be remarkable, and let your purple power shine through? Board of Directors Brewing Up Magic For Our Chapter So for example, if you are new to the business development arena, you can join the membership committee to build up your professional network while practicing member outreach. Or you can join the sponsorship committee to become an account manager and work on your client relationship management skills. If you are unfamiliar with marketing software or you want to work on your hard skills related to marketing communications, you can join the professional development committee to help coordinate our Marketer’s Toolbox Creative Workshop Series or join our communications and PR committees to help run our website, social media, email campaigns, and collateral design. If you have been in this industry for a while and feel that you have some valuable knowledge to contribute to your marketing and business development peers, think about volunteering on the leadership committee or the programs committee, so you can help come up with relevant and timely programming for our current and future industry leaders. If you live or work in Long Island, New Jersey, or Westchester, consider joining one of our three affiliate committees to get to know your local peers while growing your professional network and developing several skills all at once! If you’ve been tasked with planning an event for your firm and have no idea how to get started, consider developing those event planner skills on our special events committee. If you want to touch on several skills at once, consider joining the TME committee to help plan a full-day professional development program with several moving parts! All in all, volunteering is, hands down, the quickest way to kickstart your growth and contribution as an AEC marketing/business development professional. As promised in my post last month, let’s get to know one of these magical volunteers. Meet new member Arianna Wendt, who jumped in to volunteer on the TME Committee soon after joining SMPS this summer. Read a little bit about how Arianna came to SMPS and what she hopes to get out of her membership this year. I hope you take the opportunity to catch up with Arianna at TME or at one of our other chapter eventsthis year.   Purple Pow-wow with SMPS-NY Member Arianna Wendt
  1. 1. How did you become involved in the AEC industry? I quickly realized I wanted to be surrounded by the design world. I remember in elementary school drawing buildings, watching design TV shows, and always being fascinated by New York. After majoring in Architectural Studies from a liberal arts college, I knew moving to New York and working in an architecture firm in the marketing department was where I wanted to be.
  3. 2. What brought you to SMPS? Dattner Architects’ marketing team has provided great guidance and mentorship advice. I knew I wanted to become more involved in New York and gain a deeper understanding of the industry. SMPS seemed like the perfect fit!
  5. 3. What do you hope to get out of your SMPS New York membership this year? I hope to gain a broader perspective and understanding of the industry while meeting successful professionals from different backgrounds.
  7. 4. Describe yourself in five words. Passionate, Motivated, Creative, Hopeful, Adventurous
  9. 5. What’s your purple power? (i.e. what makes you remarkable?) My purple power is my willingness to absorb as much as possible. I am eager to continue learning as much as possible.
  Thank you for contributing to the magic of SMPS, Arianna, and I look forward to seeing you at TME! Cheers and Happy Halloween! Alexis #purplepower