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Merci beaucoup…Vielen dank…Muchas gracias…Grazie mille…Muito obrigado…Tack så mycket…Bol’shoye spasibo…OK, you catch my drift! How many ways do you know how to say ‘thank you’ or ‘thank you very much’ for that matter? Whatever language you use, I hope you use it every day to express this important sentiment. For me, I often feel as though I can’t say it enough. When I think about SMPS in particular, I am pretty much BUSTING with thanks for the SMPS’ers I know and meet every day. I bring this up because, as many of us are about to take off to join our loved ones on the one day a year when we break bread and express our gratitude, I would ask that you take a moment to thank the people in your professional circles. I’ll start!

To all of you reading this blog right now, thank you for taking a moment out of your day, and thank you for making SMPS a part of your lives.

Each month, I have the privilege of writing this letter to you—our members, our sponsors, our friends—in the hopes of giving you a glimpse into the inner workings of our organization. I can assure you that if you were to peek behind the SMPS-NY curtain, not only would you see how hard everyone works, but you’d see a wonderful, supportive community of go-getters. Our loyal volunteers and members are quick to help, teach, and learn from each other, always stepping in when someone needs support, always asking what else they can do to help. If you could see what I see every day, I have zero doubt that you would begin to feel the immense gratitude I feel every day.

Speaking of gratitude, how awesome was our 13th annual THE Marketing Event?? We have Brien McDaniel, Kirsten Haas, and their large team of volunteers and speakers to thank for a wonderfully successful professional development extravaganza. Over 100 people came from across the country on a Friday to attend this symposium, collecting valuable nuggets to bring back to the office on Monday. Check out this fine looking group of attendees!

THE Marketing Event (TME) Committee, Speakers, and Attendees

The theme of the conference was Grow, Lead, Thrive, and I can safely say that this theme will continue throughout the course of our 2018 programming. As we all put together our marketing budgets for the next year, I can’t think of a better way to show appreciation than to send your people to events that will benefit themselves as professionals, their teams, and their firms. I’d like to call your attention to the myriad professional development, networking, and business development opportunities we have coming up. Here are some of the events we are busily working on, just to give you an idea of the sheer magnitude of our Chapter’s offerings:

Annual Holiday Party: Mingle All the Way –



Professional Development Programs –

01.10.2018 / 02.22.2018 / 03.07.2018 / 04.26.2018 / 06.28.2018 / 07.12.2018


Coordinators Club –

01.12.2018 / 03.16.2018 / 05.11.2018 / 07.19.2018


LI, NJ, and Westchester Affiliate Events –

01.18.2018 / 02.28.2018 / 03.27.2018 / 04.19.2018 / 05.16.2018 / 06.19.2018 / 07.26.2018


Leadership Programs –

01.26.2018 / 04.05.2018 / 05.18.2018


Client Panels –

02.01.2018 / 03.13.2018 / 04.10.2018 / 07.25.2018


New Member Mixers –

02.08.2018 / 05.03.2018 / 08.22.2018


CPSM Boot Camp –

05.02.2018 / 06.12.2018 / 07.10.2018 / 08.21.2018


The Liberty Ball –



Member Appreciation Event –



Believe me, at the end of the year, you’ll be thanking yourselves for all the knowledge, growth, and relationships you and your teams cultivated at these can’t miss events, so be sure to add a line item in your marketing budget to start growing, leading, and thriving!

Staying on this gratitude train, let’s get to know one of our fearless volunteers for whom I am very thankful. Meet SMPS New York member Amy Behl. Amy joined SMPS earlier this year and volunteers on both the TME committee AND the Professional Development committee! Follow her lead and join a committee or two that challenge your skill sets! Let’s read a little bit about how Amy was introduced to SMPS and what she hopes to get out of her membership this year. I hope you take the opportunity to catch up with Amy at one of our chapter events this coming year.

Purple Pow-wow with SMPS-NY Member Amy Behl
  1. How did you become involved in the AEC industry? A recruiter reached out about an Assistant/Coordinator position at my current firm, Cosentini Associates, a few years ago. I didn’t have any prior experience in the engineering industry before starting here. Since then, I’ve learned so much about the industry and all that should be addressed in order to meet project deadlines. It happened quickly, but I was given a great opportunity to explore an industry I wouldn’t have otherwise. It has had a huge influence on other things I do. Now I see how much more there is to buildings and how things that may not seem to connect actually do.
  2. What brought you to SMPS? After joining the marketing team at my firm, I heard about SMPS and thought it would be a great way to meet others in the same field within the industry. Meeting people at different levels with expertise in things that I may lack in is the reason I joined. I would like to think I could help them as much as they could help me.
  3. What do you hope to get out of your SMPS New York membership this year? Continue making meaningful relationships.
  4. If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would the slogan be? Show up and do your best.
  5. What’s your purple power? (i.e. what makes you remarkable?) I don’t know yet!

Well, Amy, I for one am so thankful that you discovered SMPS and took the initiative to become a volunteer.

So whether you’re cooking a turkey, or some tofurkey, or braving a turducken, I hope that as you all surround yourselves with friends and loved ones and participate in a great big thank-fest, you’ll know that SMPS is thankful for each and every one of you!

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving,