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Robin Carathanasis

Marketing Manager

Lilker Associates


  • President 2016-17, SMPS New York

It’s true. Time does fly when you’re having a good time! It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago I accepted the honor of leading the New York Chapter of SMPS.

It seems like only yesterday when we began planning the year to come and I was equal parts excited and nervous at the prospect of what lies ahead. Adrenaline kicked in soon enough and the nervousness turned into a drive and vigor to get going with the planning of the SMPS year of programs, networking and professional development. Not having had the opportunity to serve as VP/President Elect previously I relied on my intuition, your confidence in me and, most importantly, on the talents of a Board that never failed to step up to the plate.

Day one started with the one year strategy session, calendar planning, budgets, communications plans, themes, committee goals and financial reports. All of it came together in a mere 30 day period. Without the time to study and test the waters, I followed my instincts, listened to your observations and experiences and we began to construct the story along the way. What a year we have built of the successes of our members, firms and sponsors!! A Year of Building New Stories.

Let’s commemorate the success of our chapter, our volunteers and all who create the high-quality programs and networking opportunities offered throughout the year. The New York Chapter takes pride that our programs warrant earning AIA credits….a strong recognition from the A/E/C industry. In this same vein, we have strengthened our alignments with several allied organizations like AIA, Construction Institute, CREW, ASHE, etc. The range of our blog and social media reach continues to soar. We grew the value and enriched the focus of Leadership and Coordinators Club and Professional Workshops, and reimagined our Marketing Communications and Professional Achievement Awards program. With over 50 events throughout the year, there was programing available for all levels of marketing and business development professionals.

A very special recognition to the New York Board of Directors. I am so fortunate to be working with a Board that is eclectic, passionate, smart and energetic group who are committed every day to giving their peers and colleagues every opportunity, experience, assistance and benefit possible. (Rhonda Cardone, Kristy Cerullo, Corrine Collins, Olivia Farquharson, Brian Ferry, Jonas Foster, Anastasia Guadron, Erika Capek, Alicia Koledin, Kathryn Kucharski, Kristin Liu, Kourtenay Mott, Alexis Newman, Deborah Rosenberg, Michelle Santoro, Atena Vladu and Andrew Weinberg)

On The Stairs With Sunglasses
Looking to the year to come, we have been diligently putting together the Five Year Strategy Plan and visualizing a future that will help our members to grow themselves, grow their teams and grow their firms. We look forward to aligning our strategy with SMPS’ vision of ‘Business transformed through marketing leadership’. The board will continue striving to engage membership and providing networking opportunities, dynamic educational events and programming. One initiative currently underway is a re-designed, dynamic website offering new ways to announce, inform, interact, teach and communicate on behalf of SMPS New York. There are many exciting ideas and plans in the works that I doubt I’ll be out of the creative loop as our stories continue to build…..stay tuned.

For now, I reiterate my admiration, thanks and appreciation to all our volunteers, members, sponsors and everyone affiliated with the New York chapter. Your comraderie, enthusiasm and support meant the world this year. I treasure the friends I have made, the talents and abilities I have been exposed to and learned from. Thank you for your service. And thank you for letting me be part of it.