Featured Author

Robin Carathanasis

Marketing Manager

Lilker Associates

  • President 2016-17, SMPS New York
The greatest gifts are personal. They are the gifts that aren’t about the gift itself, but rather about the human connection. That someone has taken the time to really see you—acknowledging and celebrating who you are. For this holiday season, building on the practice shared by Victoria Foster of Better Future at THE Marketing Event 2016, our gift to you this year is a gift card. Better Future and I invite you to practice the art of gifting and send five personalized gift cards.
  1. Spend 5–10 minutes reflecting on your last year. Who has moved you? Who do you admire for standing in her values? For daring to change the game in spite of challenges, fear or resistance?
  2. Choose 5 people or organizations.
  3. Using the attached gift cards, take the time to hand-write five personalized gift cards—giving a compliment and sharing what you believe is courageous about them and why?
  4. Be sure to write yourself one as well!
And as a gift to us, in order to continue to build our collective new story, we want to hear: “What courageous conversations do you need to have in your organization in 2017?” So please email us at smpsnewyorkchapter@gmail.com.