[insert-author-info] I just read a really great article by documentarian Morgan Spurlock (you know, the Supersize Me guy?). It was about being busy vs. being productive. Well, let me clarify…I started to read it. but you know how it is…I’m too busy! We’re all too busy! But it got me thinking about how SMPS can make you more productive.

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Morgan’s post hit on a key point: being productive indicates activity–either personal or professional–that’s creating value demonstrated by tangible results. If what you’re doing is just keeping you busy but not productive, where is the value to you or your company? As marketing professionals on constant deadlines, we face this challenge every day. And our struggle with it means our “extra-curriculars”–our professional development, our face-to-faces with clients, our networking–often take a backseat. However, these very activities are commonly the ones that provide the most added-value for our companies. So how does SMPS help make you more productive and add value? As I recalled at our new member breakfast last month, I’ve learned the all-important lesson of what it means to create value since joining the organization 5 years ago. Initially I began working on the Programs Committee, developing points-of-contact for many of my firm’s clients and potential clients, and offering them public speaking positions showed that we truly cared what they had to say. I attended professional development programs that taught me new skills. I participated in webinars that increased my performance by giving me tips or tricks or a new way of looking at marketing issues. And I devoted entire days to conferences that combined the two, like Uber, Build Business, and THE Marketing Event–our chapter’s annual all-day symposium. (Speaking of TME, have you registered yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Our new SMPS CEO and Society Board will be there, along with none other than Ms. Bossy-Pants herself, Susan Murphy, on November 6th!) By offering such opportunities for engagement at all different times of day and in a variety of settings, SMPS-NY offers a multitude of productive activities that will make the most of your time and bring value to you and your firm. Hope to see you at any or all of them in the near future! [/expand]