[insert-author-info] If you attended THE Marketing Event earlier this month, I hope you agree that it was a fantastic symposium! (And don’t forget to complete the survey, so we can do even better in the future.) For me, the highlights of TME are always the immediate lessons I can put into action as soon as I’m back in the office.

[expand title=”Continue reading…”] One such lesson this year was Ken and Laura Ewan’s session, “Building Your Internal Support Network”. As we already know, having a good external network is essential to any role in marketing and business development. And we spend tons of time building that all-important network, often at SMPS events (such as our December 3rd Holiday party). Sometimes, though, we tend to forget to nurture that internal network—those people we work with every day that sympathize with us, support us, and strategize with us. Building this internal network at our firms may be harder than it seems. Office environments have always been political quagmires. And all of us, no matter how professional we act, have some internal relationships that are adversarial at best, downright unpleasant at worst. But learning how to overcome these and turn them into productive relationships—and maybe even allies—is one of the things that will ultimately set you apart in your firm. Paying attention to who is already on your side, as well as who isn’t but should be, can make a real difference in making your day-to-day work more productive, as well as gaining consensus for new initiatives and finding ways to improve your company. And don’t forget the millennials! As Brent Robertson’s TME workshop, “Millennials Will Inherit the Industry,” concluded, “We are all just people who want to make a difference!” So, young upstarts or seasoned veterans, figure out who in your company you should align yourself with to accomplish your goals. And don’t wait…this is something you can and should start doing today, no matter what your role![/expand]