Julie Pampuch

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Julie Pampuch
  • President, SMPS New York
I have made lots of sports references this year being the competitive person/sports fan that I am. But I’m stuck here. I’d like to tie this column to the upcoming March Madness tournament, but unfortunately basketball isn’t my game. (My alma mater isn’t likely to win, so I don’t pay attention.) So since I can’t talk March Madness, I’ll talk Membership Madness!

[expand title=”Click here to read more…”] A few weeks ago, the talented team of Amy Stroud, Atena Vladu, Ian Harris and Alexis Newman had a terrific brainstorming session to talk about the new membership section that we are adding to smpsny.org. Here’s what I knew going in to that meeting: our membership team, led by our Director Amy and our Chair Atena, have done an exceptional job of meeting their goal of quality membership this year. And here’s what I was reminded of at that meeting: wow, we do a lot of great stuff for our members! What are we doing? To welcome our new members:

• We get excited when people join us! We brag about it on Twitter, our Spotlight Blog, in our monthly newsletter!

• We engage people early! I remember what I wore on my first day of kindergarten – not because of fashion, but because of the fear of being new. We welcome members with personal emails inviting them to upcoming events. And when they come, we give them a ‘buddy’ to make introductions.

• We meet and greet! I love this – every quarter we invite new members to a breakfast where we introduce them to the committees, provide a membership packet, and share some of our personal SMPS success stories.

For all members:

• We celebrate a dedicated volunteer as Member of the Month (MoM)! This is honestly one of the hardest parts of our board meetings – to pick just one person to recognize.

• We award our professional and person accomplishments! Check out our Marketing Communications & Chapter Leadership Awards Program!

• We mentor. Every time I hear about our Mentorship Program, I am reminded that we have the best program in the industry.

• We make membership count, financially! Our member rates for events are discounted and we offer free member programming (Leadership Lunches/Coordinators Club).

• We help each other! Many of our marketing/BD colleagues are principals of their firms! We have a new blog category where we can learn from their successes.

• We celebrate Member Anniversaries! Our PR and Membership teams have come up with some great ways of promoting our member anniversaries, starting in March.

We’ve got some great folks who have been dedicated to our mission for many (MANY!) years. We’re tipping our hats to them. Great stuff, right? If you know anyone that you think would like to be a member, let us know! March is a great time for them to join because we’re having a Membership Madness drive! And to our membership team: thank you for your amazing work! [/expand]