Julie Pampuch

Managing Director WB Engineers+Consultants

Julie Pampuch
  • President, SMPS New York
When I sit down to write this column, I think about the theme of “victory laps”. It goes back to the first email of my term where I introduced the Board and said that as a runner I promised to take a victory lap every time there was something SMPS-NY to celebrate. Good thing I’m a distance runner. I’m not even at the midpoint of my term, and I’ve had lots of victory laps. What am I taking a lap to celebrate today?

[expand title=”Click here to read more…”]The collaboration between our membership and special events committees on our Marketing Communications & Industry Leadership Awards. These committees have put their heads together (shout out to the ladies behind this work: Amy Stroud, Sarah Galus, Atena Vladu and Kourtenay Mott – thank you!) to make our awards program even better for its 31st year. Here’s what they came up with for our awards:

• A stand-alone Social Media category for the marketing communications awards. Social media used to be listed under marketing campaign. Social media is no longer the step-child! Some firms are using social media brilliantly and so we’re going to recognize them!

• We’re recognizing a Principal of the Year. I got the best email yesterday from my friend David Golab saying how glad he was to see this award. I am too, David. Our chapter has some amazing principals who make marketing part of their corporate culture. It is going to be a great moment to be able to present this award to one of them and say thank you.

• Our Mary Findlen professional grant criteria has been changed to be available to members with 5-7 years of experience. It is really special that our chapter offers someone an opportunity to learn from peers and experts at the Build Business conference at such an important point in their career. (Special bonus: this year’s winner can meet my parents. LA is my home turf, so my parents will be there! They’re a hoot.)

These are just some of the highlights from our awards program. Click here to read all about the awards that we’ll be celebrating at our Gala on June 4. Deadline for entry is March 23. And on that note, I better lace up my trusty running shoes. I’ve got a couple of laps to go today.[/expand]