[insert-author-info] When my predecessors urged me a few years ago to consider running for President of SMPS-NY, I was flattered of course, but also surprised…why me? And I think most of us who are tapped as leaders feel that way…what makes us special? Well, I never put much stock into the concept of “born leaders”, and here’s why: I think all of us have the potential to be leaders within us from the beginning. We just need a little bit of a nudge in the right direction. That’s not to say that some leaders aren’t better than others (just one look at today’s political landscape makes that clearer than ever). Everyone’s ideas of what makes a great leader can differ tremendously. But from what I’ve observed, most leaders make us feel bolder, make us feel stronger, and empower and inspire us to do more, to be more. And I’m proud to say that for these qualities of great leadership, we just need to look within our own organization. Next Wednesday at our Annual Meeting and Awards Gala, we’ll be honoring the best of the best this year. The firms who went above and beyond to create outstanding marketing collateral will receive our Marketing and Communications Awards. Meredith Lovejoy will be honored as our Principal of the Year, and Erika Capek will be presented with the Mary Findlen Professional Development Grant. And last but certainly not least, we’ll be celebrating the continued efforts of our esteemed chapter leadership—our 2015-16 Board of Directors, as well as introducing to next year’s new board members (welcome to the fold). I’m truly honored to be among such company. I have been for the last several years. And each year, I grow a little bit more comfortable in my role as Chapter Leader, a little more emboldened, because I’m surrounded by people who really do empower me and inspire me to do more and be more. If you haven’t volunteered for our chapter, you may not know what I mean, but if you have served with us—either recently or in the long ago past—I urge you to share your experience as a volunteer with others, members and non-members alike. Because together, we’re so much greater than the sum of our parts, and with the right nudge, we can all become the inspiration for future generations of SMPS New York!