[insert-author-info] If there’s one thing I hear over and over from my fellow marketers it’s that we’re too busy. In our professional services world, firms try to make the most out of their limited overhead resources, and that means marketing always has to do more with less. In the last few years alone, technology has advanced to the point where “marketing” means much more than opportunity-specific proposals, and “communications” suggests a whole lot more than project-specific pitches. As our responsibilities expand, and our tools palette becomes highly sophisticated, how can we possibly keep up with everything we need to know and still get the most value out of our limited time? Just as Google has helped us make real measurable sense of our online world, putting it all at our fingertips (literally), SMPS New York offers you a one-stop shop for all your professional development needs. All throughout the coming month, our programs are focused on the critical info both you and your firm need…right now. On May 4, we’ll be kicking things off in New Jersey, getting the inside scoop on the Rutgers 2030 Master Plan, directly from the source. The following day, we’re hosting an informational session on how to become a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM). A week later, on May 11, we’re back in midtown NYC to discuss the rise of mega projects in the city, with prominent speakers from Related Companies, Brookfield Properties, Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Alliance for Downtown New York. Then later in the month, we’ll be sharing our experiences with managing company websites as part of our Coordinators Club lunch series. Take a little more of that non-existent extra time and help us credit the hard work of our peers. Join us the evening of June 1, when we honor those who went above and beyond this past year at our Annual Meeting and Awards Gala. It’s an event not to be missed (and a great chance to dress up)!