Julie Pampuch

Managing Director WB Engineers+Consultants

Julie Pampuch
  • President, SMPS New York
It wasn’t my idea. It was the board’s. Last year. The idea was to submit for the 2015 Society’s Striving for Excellence (SFE) award. We decided it was important to share our story with SMPS. (And we’d love to be recognized for what we do.) So we submitted.

[expand title=”Click here to read more…”] Check it out HERE. It’s mighty impressive. As you can imagine, this sort of award submission takes an incredible effort to put together! Victory laps are in store in appreciation of the amazing SFE team: Andrew Weinberg: our team captain! Thanks for organizing our team, collecting our information, and holding us to our deadlines. We did it! Ben Saltzman: you took bullet points, text written in different styles, and off-the-top-of-our-heads ideas and made them into one voice. No. Easy. Task. You accomplished it brilliantly! Keith Kennedy: You are a great ideas man, an InDesign master, an amazing graphic designer, and a superb host. Thank you for taking our story and making it look incredible. (And sorry for picking on your sports teams!) Alexis Newman: Thank you, thank you for the great ideas, for working late into the night (on many occasions), for finding photos and examples of our work, for sharing funny stories, and for your endless enthusiasm! Jonas Foster: Branding guru! Thanks for all of your big picture ideas and input on how to best tell our NY story. Sarah, Sarah, Jason, Meredith, Scott, Corrine, Sarah, Alicia, Connie, Margaux, Michelle and Amy: thanks for all of your hard work as the SMPS-NY board of directors! We only have this story to tell because of the work that you and your committees are doing. (And thank you for your patience as we collected the details from you!) And now, we wait…