[insert-author-info] Travels abroad always give me the space to breathe and gain perspective and Portugal allowed for big waves and big perspective. I’m back in New York (my favorite hometown) from a week of travelling abroad, jumping off the plane and right into a jam-packed month of SMPS-NY events………TME-Changing The Game, the US Presidential Elections, breakfast panel; Planning Today, Securing Tomorrow-Resilient Organizations & Infrastructure, leadership lunch; Transforming Practice to Authenticity – the Art of Self-Promotion, topped off with Thanksgiving celebrations and the parade! Scaling the flight of stairs up to the second floor of TPK, I could sense an anticipation about the day, “tonight’s gonna be a good night”. The mood was light, excitement for a full day of learning and new experiences; and there we all were, together in one big, light-filled space awaiting the provocateur……………Brent Robertson. He asked of us all to consider the concept of reality. And consider the possibility of changing that reality even if only in the slightest of ways. That just one small action taken to reset the reality can indeed…………Change the Game. My light bulb clicked on when I got that a positive shift in one part of my life will inform the other parts whether it be professional, personal, political or social. Applying that shift in my reality and sharing it with those around me can result in positive changes wherever it may be directed to. Many of us came into the day knowing that we (marketers) are people that want to make a difference. We were ready to embrace that shift in our lives, and after the day of motivational sessions we were empowered to believe that we can. I know this to be true from what several of you have told me in just the short time since TME, that you have already started applying changes, making shifts and creating new stories for yourselves. This new awareness and enlightenment about our ability to make changes no matter how small, gives us more tools to build more new stories whether they be for books or buildings. Kudos to the TME committee this year for their creativity and insight to make TME the “Game Changer” it was: Deborah Rosenberg, Julie Pampuch, Brent Robertson, Keith Kennedy, Monica Hatcher, Michael McCann, Meredith Lovejoy, Gil Brindley, David Grant, Rhonda Cardone and all the other SMPS volunteers that helped make it happen. Your dedication to embracing new concepts created a place for the SMPS community to keep looking for it and living it!