[insert-author-info] Along with several others of you, I’ve begun preparation for the Certified Professional Services Marketer’s exam, aka Boot Camp. As I was flipping through the official SMPS CPSM Study Guide 3.0© this morning, I came across an interesting point right there on Page 6: “The achievement of goals is directly dependent on self control.” Funny how things happen sometimes…While I was freaking out and wondering how I managed to add yet one more thing to my plate, I found myself reading about self-knowledge, aka metacognition, and along came the realization that all of this really is under my control. “Ha!” you say. My work deadlines are not under my control. My relationship with my significant other is dependent on their behavior as well as mine. This current political election is WAY beyond my control, and everyone else’s! Whatever the source of your strife, there’s a pretty good excuse for not feeling in control. But as the CPSM Study Guide pointed out, you can notice, monitor, and CONTROL these three things: 1. Your attention, 2. Your attitude, and 3. Your commitment. At first, your attention seems like the easy one, right? Just set aside some time to complete a goal, and you’re halfway there. But with everything competing for space in your brain throughout the day, it might take a little more effort than you think. But just try to be present and give yourself the time to absorb. Eliminate distractions as much as possible and stay in the moment. Attitude is everything, or so they say. Well, sometimes it really is. We all know that when your initial emotion towards something is negative, it’s pretty likely that the outcome will be, too. However, everyone’s also heard proof of the power of positive thinking. Just stand up to yourself, and say “I CAN do this!” Finally, there’s commitment. Is finding available time really keeping you from your goals, or is it a lack of commitment? This one is pretty black and white. Either you commit to achieve something or you don’t. Without it, though, you’re not going anywhere. The formula for achieving your goals is all right there in those three simple actions – be actively present, have positive self-determination, and commit to it! And it WILL happen! Yep, I feel more in control already…but go ahead and ask me again in November.