[insert-author-info] Well, here it is August already. The last month of my term as your President. And while I’m still riding high off the earlier activities of the month and looking back on our fantastic year as a Chapter, I can’t help but think…what if? What if I knew then what I know now? How could this year have been different? I’m sure all Presidents (SMPS, other organization presidents, company presidents, and dare I say, even POTUS) feel this way towards the end of their tenure. And even if there aren’t necessarily regrets, there are things we would have done differently. But even as I write this, I know there’s no going back, because the simple fact is, I’ve grown a lot in the past year, and I know now what I didn’t know then, simply because I hadn’t done this before. The main thing I learned this year was something I’ve heard over and over and over since I was a kid. But I never really understood how important it was until this year. Everyone, let me assure you, there’s truly no “I” in “TEAM”. So I’m using this post as a final opportunity to thank all of our members and participating non-members alike, our sponsors, our speakers, and everyone who took part in our events and initiatives this past year. Thank you for re-teaching me that “it takes a village”, my voice is only one of so many, and a diversity of perspectives tells a better story. Yes, being a leader means making decisions, and making decisions for the majority of stakeholders is a position fraught with perils and pitfalls, and often self-doubt. But it is also one filled with pride of accomplishment, and boy, did we accomplish a lot! We hosted dozens of events, including client panels, professional development programs, workshops, special events, and networking happy hours. And we did it all as volunteers, without asking for anything in return. Yet we did get something in return. Something big. Together we’ve built a community (300 members strong and growing) that will continue to support each other no matter what lies down the road ahead. Thank you especially to the 2015-16 SMPS-NY Board of Directors, for your strength, for your encouragement, and most importantly, for your ability to just get it all done. I am so unbelievably proud of what we’ve all achieved this year! I truly couldn’t have done it without you. And I hope when you look back on this SMPS year, you feel the same about me. Please come join me at the next Leadership Lunch on September 16th, where I hope to give you a little more insight into what I’ve learned this year, along with some fun anecdotes. Until then, I’m signing off as SMPS-NY President and looking forward to handing over the reins to an extremely capable, smart, savvy, and talented leadership group, the 2016-17 SMPS-NY Board of Directors!