[insert-author-info] Ahhh…summer. I LOVE summer. And it’s finally here! As the weather warms and the days grow longer, we become more social, filling our calendars with happy hours, barbeques, and picnics. Before you know it, vacation brain sets in, and we’re all in la-la-land for a few weeks…or months. But anyone in AEC marketing and BD knows that this business rarely slows and certainly never stops for the summer, and neither does SMPS! So how do you see through the next few months of work when your vision is clouded with dreams of parties in the Hamptons and trips to the Jersey Shore? Harness your summer social stamina to propel your business butt forward! Starting next week, we kick off our CPSM Boot Camp with the first session on Domains of Practice 1 and 2: Marketing Research and Marketing Planning. If you’ve ever been thinking about certification, like me, don’t put it off any longer. Now’s the time to find out what you need to know! And if you want to find out more about new workplace trends, how they’re affecting our clients’ businesses, and how the AEC industry can help, get up extra early Wednesday, July 20, for our next Client Panel Breakfast Program on the Workplace of Tomorrow. We also have some great annual events coming up this summer that are not to be missed! Join our Coordinator’s Club Annual Proposal Swap on July 14. If you’ve ever been curious to see what other firm’s proposals look like—how they’re structured, what content is included, and what messaging is most effective—bring one of your own for a little show-and-tell. And look for our Member Appreciation event, coming up in early August, for some networking fun! Just remember, while summer is the designated time to let loose, it’s also the perfect time to use the extra boost to jumpstart initiatives and get your career in gear!