Meredith Lovejoy

Global Director of Marketing Shen Milsom & Wilke

Meredith Lovejoy
  • Board Treasurer 2013-2015 (2 year term)
  • President 2003-2004
  • VP President Elect 2002-2003
  • Director of Programs 2000-2002
  • Co-Chair Programs 1998-2000
September’s Member of the Month is a seasoned professional who is articulate, intelligent, professional, and an overall asset to our New York Chapter. Currently serving as our Board Treasurer, Meredith Lovejoy is a true mentor to all of us. Her most recent achievement has been her dedication to the TME event coming up in November. Her abilities to organize and inspire a group are also recognized as the Global Director of Marketing at Shen Milsom & Wilke, where she is a leading force in their business development efforts and overall success. Let’s read below as Meredith has shared some of her thoughts and ideas with us.

[expand title=”Click here to read the interview…”] 1. Where are you from originally and what brought you to New York City? I am originally from NYC; I grew up here and after college I came back to start working. 2. Can you share some highlights of this year’s upcoming The Marketing Event (TME)? The selected presentations range from building brand, to building your internal support network, and millennials in the workplace. I am excited about the mix of lectures, workshops and panel discussions we have lined up. 3. How has being a member of SMPS influenced your career? I have met and become friends with some amazing, talented, intelligent and wonderful people over the years. Many in this group of my peers have been influential in helping me make major career decisions as well as providing friendship and support through day to day highs and lows. It’s been really helpful over the years to know I was not alone in the things I found most challenging or frustrating. And my SMPS network has been supportive – both cheering for me when I’ve achieved something monumental as well as showing kindness when I’ve failed. These are the kind of friendships that last and that I appreciate with all my heart. 4. Can you describe for us a typical day as the Global Director of Marketing for Shen Milsom & Wilke? A typical day is having a to do list of about a dozen items that span working on a brochure for a vertical market sector to checking in with various office directors to review where they are with their marketing plan and budget. A typical day usually includes something popping up that blows away everything on my to-do list. I work on new business development, CRM administration, marketing staffing and resourcing across all our offices, and communications and social media strategies. Luckily I work with an amazing team of talented and smart people who make all of this possible! 5. Describe your perfect Saturday. A perfect Saturday would look like this:

•Sleeping in till 8am;

•A walk/hike/bike ride with my husband and 7-year old twin sons;

•Lunch together with my family – a picnic at the beach would be lovely, especially if I don’t have to plan it/buy it/ clean it up.

•Reading a book, having a nap, horseback riding with my sons; cocktails in the late afternoon.

•Somewhere in there I’d love to go antiquing at an estate sale or antique store to find vintage, one-of-a-kind beautiful objects….

Needless to say I have never had a day like this. Ever!! [/expand]