Christopher Pedecine

Solutions Plaza Manager

  • Daikin Applied
  • Member, New Jersey Affiliate Committee
With a background in industrial engineering, June’s member of the month, Christopher Pedecine is a valued asset to our New York chapter. He currently serves on the New Jersey Affiliate Committee and as he explains below, hopes for further engagement among the New York and New Jersey members. Let’s learn more about Christopher as we read below. Where are you from originally and what brought you to New York City? I’m originally from Basking Ridge, NJ. During my senior year in college, I began interviewing with business consulting firms and technology companies. All of the interest came back from companies with sales engineering positions. I took a position as a sales engineer for an HVAC manufacturer working with design build contractors and MEP firms in the NY Metro area.

[expand title=”Read the rest of the article here…”] Have you always worked in the A/E/C industry? Yes, I’ve always held a sales or marketing position within the industry focused on the greater New York market. What college and/or university did you attend and what area did you study? I attended Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. I started my education in the Mechanical Engineering field but switched to Industrial Engineering after my sophomore year. I found the Industrial Engineering program better prepared me for a blend of engineering and sales/ marketing. What exciting things can we look forward to involving the New Jersey Affiliate? I expect that we’ll build a renewed sense of community among marketing and business development professionals in New Jersey. I hope we can engage those that live and work in New Jersey as well as those that are commuting home from New York City and would prefer to actively participate in SMPS closer to home. We’ll start out building that community through fun networking events and grow to include great educational programs. I find it very exciting that I can participate in the rewarding programs offered by the strongly established New York chapter, and yet also engage new professionals through the local New Jersey affiliate. I believe a membership which grants access to all NY/NJ programs will attract new members and create a lasting affiliate where professionals can advance their careers though new connections and professional development. Can you describe for us a typical day as the Solutions Plaza Manager at Daikin Applied? The Daikin Solutions Plaza is a technology showcase where I host customers from around the world. On any given day I can be hosting a small client group from anywhere in the world and the next I could be hosting an evening engineering seminar or a large technology summit bringing together leaders from a particular vertical market. My customer interaction generally consists of corporate and engineering systems presentations, walking tours through the technology showcase, and discussions to better understand client needs. When I’m not interacting directly with customers, I have several areas of focus: corporate marketing projects, planning future customer events, acting tenant manager of our 36,000 square foot facility, and planning/managing projects to upgrade the Solutions Plaza displays and customer centers at our manufacturing facilities around the country. My focus is understanding the customer needs and making sure that in their eyes, Daikin is number one. [/expand]