Nathan Reyna

Marketing Coordinator

Goshow Architects

July’s member of the month is a welcomed asset to our SMPS community through his contributions on the Communications & PR Committee. Nathan Reyna currently serves as a marketing coordinator at Goshow Architects and has quickly become an enthusiastic and involved member of our New York chapter. With a formal education in advertising, journalism and architecture, Nathan’s passion for excellence within the AEC industry is evidenced by his drive to see success in all that he does. Read below, as Nathan has shared some of his thoughts and ideas with us. 1. Where are you from originally and what brought you to New York? I was born and raised in Dallas, TX where I lived until a little over 5 years ago. I did a lot of non-AEC advertising and sales work, but never really felt like Dallas was where I needed to be for a marketing and communications career. An opportunity arose for me to move to the Big Apple and I took it! It was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made, and one of the most difficult transitions to the NYC way of life (no pool, no car, no washer/dryer/dishwasher, no central A/C, amazing Tex Mex) – but now I wouldn’t trade my experience and career for anything. I’m finally in the job I’ve always wanted and have LOVED being a part of SMPS-NY. 2. Can you tell us more about your involvement with the PR & Communications Committee and what new things you are all working on? I’ve been working with the director of public relations, Olivia Farquharson, on the PR Committee for almost a full year now, where I run the chapter’s Instagram account, post updates on other various social media platforms if I’m at an event, and try to help out with blog recaps, event buzz and marketers toolbox posts. On the Communications Committee, I just started working with Ashleigh Bik of WB Engineering on the SMPS-NY Spotlight Blog, managing and scheduling posts and all the fun back-end stuff that goes with it. I’m working on developing a blog for my firm, Goshow Architects, so this has been a HUGE help. Other than that, I’m working closely with the Communications Committee for next year’s Northeast Regional Conference – MERGE. It’s been a blast to explore the new concept and come up with a completely fresh tone and voice for SMPS & AEC marketers. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’re working on. Involvement on a committee has truly been where I’ve gotten the most out of my time with the chapter – I encourage everyone to get involved if you can. Get your ideas out there, it’s incredibly refreshing when they bear fruit! 3. What are some challenges that you face daily in your career and how do you overcome them? One of my major challenges lately was adapting to the busy schedule of a marketing coordinator at a small, public sector firm but who loves to be involved in everything. I’m finally in the job that I’ve always wanted and want to know and do EVERYTHING immediately, but I’ve had to learn that all comes in time. What’s helped me was an EXTRAORDINARY team at Goshow, but also my mentors within SMPS-NY. The Mentorship Program co-chairs, Patricia Neumann, CPSM and Martha Huguet, CPSM, helped me connect with Genesis Vasquez, co-chair of the Professional Development Committee. She is an exceptional mentor and helped me funnel all my crazy energy through my first year as an AEC marketer. (Seriously, you should do this!) 4. What degree(s) do you hold, and from what schools? I’m a graduate of the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts degree, double majored in Advertising and Journalism with a minor in Architecture. (Originally went to school for Architecture – wasn’t cut out for it, just a passion, changed to Marketing/Journalism because I love to write, be challenged and think creatively/strategically.) 5. What blogs do you read on a regular basis? Definitely the Spotlight Blog (shameless plug), Curbed NY, New York YIMBY, 6sqft, i09 & Collider (purely for my own personal enjoyment #nerd), Wall Street Journal, ArchDaily, Dezeen, Contemporist – and a ton others. I’m always looking for a good blog, so if you have a suggestion, I’m all ears. 6. Describe your perfect Saturday. A perfect Saturday, for me, begins with a great workout (spin class, Barry’s Bootcamp, lifting weights, or a jog in the park) in the morning or the first showing of a movie, having brunch with friends, a nice afternoon nap, and then having no plans at night so I can do whatever comes my way! (Yes, this is an invitation to invite me out for drinks!)   Interview by: Elise Martos, Director of Marketing and Communications for Dominick R. Pilla Associates PC