Carlyle Lobo

Marketing & Graphics Coordinator


Member, Special Events Committee

  1. As a newer member to our SMPS New York Chapter, December’s Member of the Month has already become a productive and essential part of our organization. Carlyle Lobo currently serves as the Marketing and Graphics Coordinator at Cerami, as well as a contributing member of our Special Events Committee. Carlyle is successfully pursuing his goal to live and work in New York City where he is thriving within the A/E/C community. Let’s read below as Carlyle has shared some of his thoughts and ideas with us.
  2. Where are you from originally and what brought you to New York?
    I was born in Bangalore, India. At the age of 1, I moved to Dubai with my family. In 2002, my father was transferred to New York to start up their company’s operations in the USA and we moved to Long Island, NY. I went to Syosset High School and graduated from the University of Buffalo. One of my long-term goals after college was to work in the greatest city in the world – New York! Once I graduated, I knew New York City is where I wanted to be. I even hung up a poster of the New York City skyline to remind me every day of my goal. I applied for a position at Cerami & Associates in July of 2016. I was intrigued by the acoustics and technology industry and was fascinated by the projects Cerami was working on. Once I was offered the position, I immediately jumped on it…and the rest is history.
  3. What motivated you to join the Special Events Committee and what is the committee currently working on?
    My first SMPS event was the 2016 Holiday Party. Unfortunately, none of my team members were able to make it, so I decided to go alone. Not going to lie, I was a little nervous as to what to expect, this being the first corporate event of my career. Once I arrived, I was greeted by the committee members working the door who were so welcoming. Throughout the night I got to meet a lot of people in the industry, as well as people who I have emailed before but never met in person. So, it was great to put a face to a name. We laughed, drank, shared similar marketing stories, I felt comfortable in that setting. It was at that moment I realized I would love to be part of the team that organized this event. It so happened a week later, my marketing manager at that time, Sarah Hoff suggested I join the Special Events Committee and introduced me to Jonas Foster. I immediately hopped on board! Thanks Sarah!
  4. The committee is currently working on finalizing details for the SMPS holiday party this year, taking place on December 7th. It’s going to be a fun night, so for anyone who hasn’t registered yet. Please do so, it’s not too late! I will also be organizing a fun spirts event which will be combined with our New Member gathering coming up in February…so be on the lookout for that.
  5. Because you are our December Member of the Month, can you share some of your favorite holiday/winter traditions with us?
    Since a young age, my family has given me the task of decorating our house every Christmas. I guess this is what happens when you are the only creative type in the family…ha just kidding. But I enjoy doing it, and switching up the setup every year. This year I am thinking of adding a Christmas themed light projector in our front yard that will project different Christmas themed patterns off our house. Hopefully it turns out the way I envision it.
  6. Describe your perfect Saturday.
    My perfect Saturday would be waking up later than my usual work week, then heading to the gym and getting a good workout in. For the rest of the day I would either spend it with close friends, going for brunch, maybe catching a movie, or spending the day with my family. I find that as we all grow in our careers, we tend to lose touch with our loved ones. So, the time I do get on weekends, I make sure I make the most of it by spending time with my family and close friends.

Interview by: Elise Martos, Director of Marketing and Communications for Martos Engineering