Sharyn Yorio

Director of Client Development

VJ Associates

As the Director of Client Development for the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania regions at VJ Associates, December’s Member of the Month is a valued asset to our New York chapter. Sharyn Yorio brings over 20 years of experience in marketing and business development and extensive knowledge in design and construction. This experience has been shared through her role of Adjunct Professor at The Pratt Institute and New York University with her course teachings of Principles of Marketing and Business Development. Sharyn is a Certified Professional Marketer, as well as a Fellow with SMPS. Let’s read below as Sharyn has shared some of her thoughts and ideas with us. 1. Where are you from originally and what brought you to New York City? I grew up in New Jersey and lived for a period of time in Maryland and Pennsylvania. When I moved back to New Jersey I got my first job in the AEC industry in marketing for an engineering firm. I think they hired me because I had done PR in Pennsylvania and had an MEP firm as a client. However, I knew nothing about engineering, they just took a chance. My first boss at that firm told me that I must join SMPS. That was the best advice he gave me. 2.What motivated you to join the Membership Committee and what is the committee currently working on? I believe it is important to make people in our industry aware of what SMPS has to offer and I thought the Membership committee was the way to reach out. I also like the fact that the committee is continually working on informing new members about growing their careers through their membership. In addition to recruiting new members, we are reaching out to former members to make them aware of some of the new offering membership provides. Committee members meet with new and former members over coffee or lunch to educate them about SMPS and offer help and advice when needed. The committee is always looking for new members and we continue to make members aware of what being a member of the committee can do for them. 3. What is some advice you have for some of our newer SMPS chapter members? New member advice is simple “get involved”. The Membership committee gives each new member a list of the committees and the contact information for the chairs. We recommend they go to different committee meetings and decide what is of most interest to them and join that committee. I tell the new members to begin to develop their network. Your SMPS network will become your friends. I talk about becoming certified and tell them [to] begin now to work toward taking the exam. I offer to answer any questions they might have about their role in a firm and help them define that role. 4. What degree(s) do you hold, and from what schools? I studied Communications at the University of Maryland Certificate SMPSU—Robert Smith School of Business 5. Describe your perfect Saturday. A perfect Saturday, wow what a thought. I guess it would be enjoying a leisurely breakfast with my husband. This time of year a perfect Saturday would include watching holiday movies, “It’s A Wonderful Life”.