Chris Soria

Marketing Manager

Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc.

With enthusiasm for the A/E/C industry and an incredible work ethic, August’s Member of the Month is a valued member of our New York Chapter. Chris Soria serves as a Marketing Manager at Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. and is an active participant within our New Jersey Affiliate. His advice below encouraging marketers to “make your seat at the table count” is invaluable, as many of us navigate a technical industry in non-technical roles. Let’s read further, as Chris has shared some of his other thoughts and ideas with us.
    1. 1. Where are you from originally and what brought you to the Northeast? I have lived in the Northeast my entire life. I was born in the Bronx, NY, but I spent most of my childhood and adult life living in New Jersey. I love the area for its diversity of landscapes, cultures, and people. You can be walking the bustling streets of Manhattan in the morning, and a short 90-minute drive can transport you to a picturesque mountain or the waves crashing along the beach. There is a lot of fun energy that goes along with that, and makes it a great area to work and raise a family.
  • 2. How has being a member of SMPS influenced your career thus far? My first exposure to SMPS was as a junior marketer enrolled in the New York Chapter’s Mentor-Protégé Program. The experience really changed the trajectory of my career and helped me feel more confident in setting out to grow into leadership role in the A/E/C industry. I have since had the opportunity to participate as a mentor in this program, and the experiences have been equally meaningful to my career. I have been able to meet so many creative and talented professionals through SMPS that influence and inspire me every day.
  • 3. Can you better describe your role at Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. and what responsibilities your job entails? At GES, I focus mainly on driving the branding and communications aspects of our marketing program. Our company has been around for more than 30 years with operations across the United States and Caribbean. We are getting ready to launch a new website and a corresponding re-branding initiative in the fall of 2017, which has been an exciting project to manage since joining the firm earlier this year. I am also responsible for our digital marketing, public relations, and internal communications programs.
  • 4. Can you provide some advice for those that are new to the A/E/C industry? For me, I think it’s so important to make your seat at the table count. Being a non-technical employee can be intimidating in this industry. It was for me, but often times as marketers we are brought into high-level, strategic discussions that have a real impact on our firms. Even if the initial expectation is that your participation will be limited to a support role, bring your strengths to the table to add meaningful contributions and perspective that can create value for your firm. I have found that people appreciate the extra initiative, and it’s a great way to set yourself apart and get to learn the business side of the industry as you grow in your role.
  • 5. What are some of your favorite movies and television shows? With two young boys at home, my Netflix history and DVR would tell you Daniel Tiger, PJ Masks, and Chuggington. However, when I finally get a hold of the remote, I like to catch up on House of Cards or watch a sports documentary. I am notorious for being a laggard when it comes to movies and hit TV shows.
  Interview by: Elise Martos, Director of Marketing and Communications for Dominick R. Pilla Associates PC