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May 2018 Member News!

Member Buzz

  • Let’s see what our members are up to this month!
  • SMPS-NY Members profiled in the New York Real Estate Journal
  • Two SMPS-NY members were featured in the New York Real Estate Journal.   To read the spotlights click the links below:
  • Elizabeth Candela, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Magnusson Architecture and Planning
  • Alexa Antopol, Chief Intelligence Officer, Fisher Dachs Associates
  • Ashok Sinha’s works exhibited at Front Room

Front Room is proud to present “Strata,” featuring the photographic works of Zoe Wetherall and Ashok Sinha. Both artists employ unique methods and get uncommon results for photographing aerially—Sinha’s atmospheric photos from the passenger seat of a commercial airline, and Weatherall from the basket of a hot-air-balloon. In Ashok Sinha’s series “New York to Los Angeles,” Sinha manages to capture the beauty and abstractions of the landscape below that often go unnoticed by millions of travelers every day. In this ongoing series, shot during commercial flights Sinha continues to take on cross continental trips between the two cities he does not use any special photographic equipment in making these images, except using a specific technique to shoot through airplane windows. Although he is selective when choosing airlines’ specific flight routes and seat assignments, he only shoots during extremely short timeframes during a typical flight, and a lot of this work depends on a fair amount of trial and error, weather conditions, and sometimes just plain luck. Ashok Sinha is a New York-based photographer. His photographs have been exhibited at The Museum of the City of New York, the International Center of Photography, and The Royal Photographic Society.

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New Members! 

Join us in welcoming Amy Lim, Marketing Manager at Cooper Robertson, Tiffany Rafii, CEO at UpSpring PR, Lani Gedeon, LEED GA, Multi-Family Regional Manager at Mannington Flooring, Robert Holloway, Digital Communications Coordinator at Structure Tone and Ivoire Lloyd, Senior Marketing Proposal Coordinator at SYSTRA Engineering, Inc.!