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Kristin Liu, LEED AP Senior Associate, Business Development Syska Hennessy Group, Inc.

Kristin Liu
I recently rejoined SMPS New York’s Membership Committee. I am excited to help our Director of Membership Amy Stroud implement her vision of delivering quality membership. “Quality Membership” means that we continue to investigate and deliver additional measurable value to our members.

[expand title=”Click here to read more…”] An item identified for “quality check” was the area of meeting Principals’ needs. Traditionally, our organization has served – and served very well – the needs of marketers, business developers and communications professionals in the beginning to mid-level career stages. However, there seems to be a perceived lack of benefits that directly impact Principal-level members and those serving in senior management roles. I was very curious to explore this gap and readily volunteered to investigate how SMPS-NY could bring more value to the seasoned professionals in our AEC industry. We first looked at membership demographics. As of this week, 50 out of 286 members in our chapter are principals, firm owners, or in senior management positions at their firms. That makes up 17%. Of these current members, 6 first joined SMPS in the 1980’s! And 5 of them first joined in 1990’s. Several in this group started as marketing professionals who have risen to the top of their firms. These include Sarah Hoff (Principal at Cerami & Associates) as well as Michelle Galindez Russo (Vice President at WSP) and Kirsten Sibilia (Principal at Dattner Architects). Others in this group are technical practitioners who embrace the practice of marketing. They include respected leaders in the AEC community such as Barbara Horton (President and CEO at HLB Lighting Design) and George Miller (Partner at Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Architects). This is a group I know little about… Actually, it’s not that I don’t know OF them, but I do not know their reasons for joining SMPS, nor what benefits they gain as members. I am very curious to find out their expectations of our wonderful organization. I suspect many of you share my curiosity. Enter “It’s a Matter of Principal.” Here, on behalf of our members, I aim to create a home for sharing anything related to a principal’s perspective, especially as it relates to marketing professional services. I propose to post principal profiles/interviews, as well as share research, links and news related to this topic. What do you think about this idea? Are there any firm leaders whom you would like to see highlighted in a future blog entry? Do principals at your firm see value in joining SMPS? Why or why not? Please don’t hesitate to contact me – I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.[/expand]