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David Grant
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Many people across the political spectrum have been discussing how best to use social media amid today’s controversies. Some time ago, Grant PR posted to our blog: “Stop: Don’t Send That Tweet!” There’s a lesson here for anyone involved in the business of politics – or the politics of business – that is just as relevant today. Twitter should come with a warning label, because using Twitter in a business environment is akin to holding a live grenade after pulling the pin. With social media options growing faster than our ability to use these communications tools wisely, maybe it’s time to revisit some social media basics by asking some basic questions.
  • Is your social media effort based on a clear and specific strategy built on precisely understood target audiences? If yours is like most companies’ campaigns, it’s not.
  • Have you devoted the resources needed to run a successful social media effort, and have you defined what success would be? Many small- to medium-sized companies confuse understanding the mechanics of social media applications with knowing how to make them into effective marketing tools.
  • Do your partners and associates know that just as bringing in business is everyone’s business, strategic activity on social media is also everyone’s business?

Do you have strong feelings about some pop culture phenomenon or ridiculous Internet meme? Keep them to yourself. Why? Because nobody cares what you think about that. Your market wants to hear from you about developments in their field more than they are looking to hear your opinion. As we wrote in our earlier blog, use your social media platforms as a way to remind your networks that you’re still here, you’re on top of the related news, you have valuable insights into things like – well – their line of work, and you have things to say worth noting and remembering.