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Kirsten Haas Marketing Director Acoustic Distinctions

Kirsten Haas
Annual reviews prompt emotions spanning anticipation, anxiety and dread. For proactive preparations, here are some general guidelines of do’s and don’ts to assure Forward Momentum.

[expand title=”Click here to read the Do’s & Dont’s of Performance Reviews…”] Do’s Review goals, competencies and development plans established at your last appraisal and engage a reality check. Were they too aggressive or lame? Tweak them to keep you motivated yet not overwhelmed. Refer to SMPS Domains of Practice and aim to leverage/develop at least two skill sets from each domain to assure that you are challenged, well-rounded and focused. Look over a sampling of regular reports you generate to help flush out performance highlights, milestones and challenges. Identify 3-5 noteworthy achievements which surpass standard expectations. This includes both what and how you accomplish things, i.e. productivity and exceptional quality can be offset in the wake of bruised egos and polarized teams. Treat it as a dialogue; Prepare 3 questions to stimulate conversation to broaden perspective of why things are important and gain context for organizational goals. Don’ts Be passive and/or dwell in shortcomings, challenges and frustration and treat it as a gripe session. Be too ambitious in goal setting; anticipate leeway to respond to “the unexpected”; i.e. merger leading to rebrand Forget the outside world and neglect to tie in the importance of what you do as it responds to industry and market trends. Detach from reality; while by nature, we tend to be visionary, creative and motivated, stay true to the parameters you operate in. For example, in traditional firms, think twice about expressing your expectation to becoming CEO within the next three years. Disregard the importance of performance metrics and balance of trust/likability factors which drive work dynamics among co-workers, clients and colleagues. Shy away from elements of engagement and being creative in showcasing achievements and exploring possibilities to set both you and your employer up for success. [/expand]