[insert-author-info] Are you reading your mail? After a long day, it is easy to sift through your daily deliveries without much thought and put aside the “I’ll read that later” material. Marketer (The Journal of the Society for Marketing Professional Services) is a must read! Each quarter, every SMPS member receives a copy of the publication and it is a wealth of information, articles, resources, best practices, expert contacts, etc. Each issue has a Feature theme; August was Leadership, December will be on careers that offer insight from experts and members from around the country. Each issue also offers multiple articles based around each of the Six Domains of Practice. So, no matter your level of experience or career goals, be sure to read your next issue of Marketer! Interested in contributing an article to Marketer? Contact Ed Hannan, Editor, at edhannan@gmail.com to learn more. SMPS Members can access archived PDF versions of the publication in the Marketing Resource Library within MySMPS (You must be logged on to MySMPS to access this link).