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Carolyn A. Schultz Marketing and Business Development Manager The Clarient Group, LLC

Carolyn Schultz
  • Member, SMPS NY Professional Development Committee
An effective CRM System can significantly assist a business with organizing and acting strategically in marketing, business development, and client relationship-building, and related decision-making – before, during, and after projects occur with those clients. Understandably, the service-oriented nature of AEC industry firms comprising SMPS makes CRM a crucial tool to have available.

[expand title=”Click here to read more…”] To begin, it’s important to have your end goals in mind: What information do you want to manage, and how? After that, you can consider what tool is best to manage that information. I have been conducting this process by objectively evaluating and making decisions based on my firm’s mission, and our current and future needs, wants, and goals. Regarding what information we want to manage, and how, I brainstormed the wide variety of information that has been important to myself and my colleagues. For example, what type of contact information, and other facts and qualities are important to record about our contacts? Then, when deciding what tool is best to manage that information, I’m considering what capabilities we need for our chosen tool. For example, do we need report generation, or task assignment workflow recording, or newsletter sending automation? What’s urgent, what’s important, and what would be nice but is not required? What do we need in the short-term and long-term? Ultimately, for whatever CRM tool you choose: The most important thing of all is that you have an organized method of tracking your work, and that you use what works best for you and your firm.[/expand]