[insert-author-info] Last month, I wrote about top tips for holiday season marketing and business development. This month, I’d like to further explore in depth one particular aspect of that theme. The holiday season, when we’re already meeting new people and re-connecting with each other, seems like a perfect time for a LinkedIn adventure. How does your past and present help you accomplish your future goals? That’s a strong part of the power of LinkedIn.

[expand title=”Continue reading…”] As I embarked on a LinkedIn adventure myself, with the above thoughts in mind, I found the following ideas especially helpful, and I hope it will help you too: Descriptions and Keywords for your diverse combination of experience: Balance the big picture and details. Showcase your experience, and what you’ve done, with an eye toward the future by highlighting your legacy and what you want to do next. In addition to descriptions under each of your past experiences, for jobs, internships and volunteering, I strongly recommend including a professional headshot picture and a summary. All of these have been said to increase the number of views your profile will receive. I added both recently, and I’ve already seen a big difference. If you have published articles or other work, you can add those too. There are “add media” options for documents, photos, links, videos and presentations – so lots of possibilities that you can proudly show based on what works best for you, and it will help others find you and your firm! Causes: Under the volunteer section, you can choose from a list of “causes you care about,” to help an even larger group of contacts find you. This ranges from arts and culture, to health, human rights and much more. Seems like an excellent way to expand your universe outside your immediate industry group! When you’re done editing your profile, on the right side there’s a small box to check yes or no, to notify your network of your changes. Also, at the top, near your photo, there’s a blue button to “view profile as” and you can see what your connections and the public will see. Most importantly, we can all aspire for an increased online presence and connectivity that will lead to greater friendships and networking offline – a key goal for the holiday season and year-round. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out: carolynamy04@yahoo.com or contact me on LinkedIn [/expand]