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Karen Kelly
As the three representatives of the Special Events committee (Sarah Galus, Kourtenay Mott, and myself) manned our table at Smithfield Hall right before Spirits was scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m., we were a little nervous. We didn’t know what the turnout might be for our first Spirits to take place on a Monday night. (Held on November 17, this Spirits was a theme-inspired departure from our usual Tuesday nights.) Plus, the cold, rainy conditions outside created another potential deterrent.

[expand title=”Click here to read more about this event…”] We should’ve known that a little inclement weather wouldn’t keep the SMPS crowd away, especially with a fun theme like NFL football! As soon as 5:30 arrived, our peeps started filing into our designated area of the bar, including marketers from architecture, engineering and acoustical consulting firms, as well as photographers. The great venue, the NFL programming on big-screen TVs, and the nice mix of people made for a fun night of casual networking. Attendees got into pre-gaming for the exciting Steelers/Titans matchup. Three fans wore their favorite team’s jerseys/sweatshirts, showing their support for the Buffalo Bills, the New England Patriots, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and earning them a free drink. (No SMPS-ers proudly wore any Jets/Giants gear. Odd…no?) The crowd enjoyed good comfort-food appetizers, courtesy of SMPS, including guacamole & chips, fries, calamari, and Smithfield Hall’s special maple-glazed bacon. I’m not sure how many marketers/die-hard football fans stayed until the end of the game, but I’m sure Steelers superfan (and SMPS-NY Vice President/President Elect) Alicia Koledin was happy with the final outcome! (The Steelers came from behind to beat the Titans 27 to 24.) Check out photos from our Monday Night Football Spirits event here. Next up for Spirits: Tuesday, January 6, theme & venue TBD. (Even if there’s a blizzard, we’ll expect the SMPS crowd to put on their snow boots and make it out to the festivities!) [/expand]