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Elizabeth Bellsey Marketing and Business Development Coordinator BAM Architecture Studio

Elizabeth Bellsey
Deena Baikowitz, Chief Networking Officer of Fireball Network, led Leadership Lunch perfectly timed for the numerous holiday events there are to attend from November through January. Deena’s November 23rd session, “Mingle Magic – How to Make Yourself and Your Team Sparkle at Special Events,” provided excellent tips for how to strategize during holiday parties.

[expand title=”Click here to read more about the November 2015 Leadership Lunch…”] Deena started the Leadership Lunch by giving the attendees three things to keep in mind to build confidence: 1) What are you afraid of? Figure out your fear – one you acknowledge it, you can begin to move past it. 2) What are you great at? Start in your comfort zone of what you’re great at, and then you’ll be able to move outside of it. 3) What are your goals? Know why you’ve chosen to attend an event and the rest will follow. Identifying and implementing the above increases a person’s confidence, in turn enhancing their success at networking and holiday events. Deena elaborated on the third point to say the goal at any event is to build rapport, creating a spark to build a connection. A person doesn’t have to start selling at an event, but just make connections that may turn into a later opportunity. Deena advised the group on how to easily make connections by encouraging each person to share what they were passionate about outside of their work. By having attendees discuss their personal passions, it allows each person something unique to share that makes them memorable. Asking others about their hobbies or interests outside of work is a simple way to strike up a conversation, make people light up and maybe find some common ground. An important part of setting goals and making connections at an event is preparation. Find out who will be attending an event, and then set your goals for who you may want to meet. If it is an event with clients, Deena recommends researching recent projects your firm has done for the client and any RFPs for which the firm has applied. She also recommends carrying a tiny notebook to write down who you met and how to follow up with them. Helping others is also a great way to build rapport, and Deena recommends asking newcomers about who they might like to meet at an event. Deena’s final tip was to think about how you want to be remembered in your interactions. Kirsten Haas, Director of Marketing for Acoustic Distinctions and Julie Pampuch, Managing Director for WB Engineers+Consultants, Immediate Past President and Director of Chapter Advisory Council of SMPS NY, coordinated this topical leadership lunch with Deena Baikowitz.[/expand]