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Brandt Berman
On May 5 at a meeting of the SMPS-NY’s Long Island Affiliate at the Dale Carnegie Training center in Hauppauge, Jerry Allocca, CEO of CORE Interactive and self-proclaimed stunt double for Iron Man, shared 27 proven content marketing strategies to generate likes, shares and traffic. This professional development workshop touched on the importance of online research tools, and explored proven ways to attract links and get more visibility for your content.

[expand title=”Continue reading…”] Awareness, Engagement, Influence, and Conversions are the four pillars of Content Marketing, all of which should be key elements of any marketer’s playbook. “In order to maximize your brand’s story and turn it into compelling content, you have to take into consideration what your clients want to read and not just what you want to write,” said Allocca. He added that we must promise and then deliver value from our company website, Facebook and Twitter pages as they are the initial feeders of traffic. The creation of an interactive medium is vital to the success of your content, he advised. Other tips included: – Make sure to always include a photo with your posts; this will give people a reason to share your content; – Engage and develop conversations via lists, quizzes, e-books, live tweets, surveys and videos; – Don’t shy away from using humor; and – Have opinions and attract people to help with services. This “linkbait” will get people to opt in. Click here to view the photo gallery from this event.[/expand]