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Marketing professionals play diverse roles and rarely do two roles require identical skill sets. But chances are we have all, at one time or another, been asked to work with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, social media or web tools. Whether or not that’s the case, there’s no wrong time to pick up new skills or polish existing ones to give us that edge and carry our firms and our careers forward. On Wednesday, January 18, Claudia McCue presented a live introductory training to Adobe InDesign, the first of a four-part Creative Workshop Series. The training was geared toward beginner’s with Adobe InDesign; or someone like me who has tinkered with InDesign before, but lacks formal training and wants to develop more familiarity with its capabilities – which are myriad. Claudia McCue, Owner, Practicalia, LLC Claudia McCue is the author of “Real World Print Production with Adobe Creative Cloud,” and the presenter for a number of print-related Lynda.com courses, including “Print Production Fundamentals,” and the Print Production Essentials series. After more than 20 years in real-world print production, she now teaches creatives and production professionals how to use Adobe products without hurting themselves (or their printers). Claudia is a Certified Technical Trainer, and an Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator, and InDesign. Starting at the beginning, Claudia walked us through the processes of new document setup, personalizing tool and appearance preferences, creating templates, managing [master] pages, laying out picture and text frames, getting familiar with tools and the wide, wonderful world of color swatches (hmm…Pantone). This, understandably, is fairly fundamental for InDesign, but Claudia moved along at a steady pace, explaining operations clearly and almost always offering alternative paths or shortcuts to the functions we were performing along with her via the exercise files. I scribbled notes for new tricks and time-saving tips to practice at home. At my skill level, I never felt left behind or anxious to move forward during the well-paced live presentation. The next Creative Workshop Series: InDesign Part II, also led by Claudia on February 7, will be a more in depth and advanced training. Like Part 1, specific items covered will be influenced by the participant survey completed during the registration process. I’m looking forward to honing the beginner skills I’ve been practicing and taking away better techniques. Parts III and IV will cover Social Media & Web Tools and Photoshop, respectively. Feel free to jump in with any or all that interest you. They are free for SMPS members, thanks to our in-kind sponsors. Workshops are presented at varying locations for affiliates in Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island and New Jersey. Check out the SMPS Events page to find upcoming locations. Both AIA/CES and CPSM Continued Education Credits are offered for 2.0 hours. Go forth and REGISTER!