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Michelle Santoro CPSM

  • SMPS-NY Director of Professional Development
SMPS-NY kicked off our first session of the 3-part CPSM (Certified Professional Services Marketer) Boot Camp on June 6. We had 13 participants join us in 3 locations (Manhattan, Long Island and Westchester). Michael McCann reviewed Domain 1 – Market Research through key terms and dissecting practice exam questions. We are preparing for an exam after all! I followed suit with Domain 2 – Marketing Planning. If you are still interested in CPSM, it isn’t too late to join us! Session 2 will be July 20 and Session 3 August 8 with more expert Chapter CPSMs facilitating review and simulcast to ALL of our chapter locations, including New Jersey. You can learn more here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, you can email me at michelle.santoro@skanska.com