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Janelle McCoy

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Institute for Building Technology & Safety

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Trends come and go, but what are the rules that stay consistent with a well-written resume? Connie Luongo, Marketing Manager/Sr. Associate at Cannon Design and Sarah Nolan Hoff, Owner/Principal Consultant at Hoffhaus Creative shared their expertise in crafting effective personal and professional resumes. 

When creating proposal resumes be sure you bring life to the personal stories and current projects that they’re working on.  Ask the technical staff open and ended questions which will allow the interviewee to open up and have a conversation.  Include a Bio and a compelling story to make your resume stand out from the competition. Be sure you always connect to your audience, be authentic and use words the reader will understand. Limit each proposal resume to 1 page with recent professional experience.

Personal resumes should shine, so brag about yourself: accomplishments, longevity, lateral moves, awards, certificates, promotions, organizations, etc.  Simplify your resume by using key words in the job description.  Employers use Application Tracking Systems to screen applicant therefore it’s best to include the exact keywords in your resume to describe your skills and qualifications.  Always have a colleague, friend or family member double check your resume for errors before submission to employers. Limit your resume to 2 page maximum and always include relevant experience to the position applying for.

All resumes must be concise and consistent.  The reader/employer review each resume for a few seconds and you want your personality and expertise to grab the audience attention. Always submit your resume in PDF format.

See photos from the workshop here!