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Carrie Snyder Director of Marketing LERA

Carrie Snyder
The SMPS-NY Coordinators Club has been growing in popularity and the most recent event Building the Foundation for Your Professional Network on October 17, was no exception. Over 20 participants joined Deena Baikowitz, Chief Networking Office, Fireball Network as she shared her expertise in networking, perfecting your pitch and approaching strangers with confidence.

[expand title=”Click here to read key takeaways from the discussion…”] The interactive workshop challenged marketers to come up with personal and professional pitches, which they then tried out on the group. Deena gave instructional feedback on how to improve each pitch with slight finesses and adjustments. Notable improvement was apparent in moments by following Deena’s lead. Some of the key points we reviewed: Be memorable! Deena told us great stories about telling someone at a conference they looked like Robert DeNiro. That witty conversation lead to him introducing her to many valuable connections at the conference and staying in touch afterwards always signed “Bobby D.”. Another contact she met had won a car on the Price is Right and he frequently used it as an ice breaker and on the top of his resume. People could not forget these unique stories. Prepare ahead! Come up with different ideas for different audiences. Plan ahead and practice these pitches. Have a real estate focused story for that group, catch up on your sports stats if you will be mingling with that crowd. Always have a few conversation starters in your pocket, but don’t forget, the focus is your unique story. Reciprocate and be helpful! To get something from someone, it always helps to offer them something in return. Make introductions that will be meaningful to them. If you see someone at a networking event who looks left out, invite them to join your conversation. Kindness and a smile go a long way in getting to know someone. Follow up! Create a system to manage your contacts and schedule your follow through. Keep track of how you met people and what you can offer each other in the future. Stay organized and stay in touch. Deena has a unique story herself having started out in marketing for the architecture industry. She eventually discovered her knack for networking and started Fireball Network with her business partners. Today Fireball Network offer coaching, consulting, and workshops to improve your networking, presentation skills, and professional promotions acumen. The Coordinators Club was lucky to have Deena and her helpful advice will have a long lasting effect on all participants. Hosted at the offices of Leslie E. Robertson Associates (LERA), the group included SMPS regulars and newcomers. Overall, they had a lot of positive feedback following the event. “Deena’s presentation was incredibly informative, and provided a lot of helpful tips for me to keep in mind as I move forward with my networking efforts. She is a really engaging, knowledgeable speaker and I think this is one of my favorite SMPS sessions I have attended!” said Elizabeth Bellsey, Marketing Coordinator, BAM Architecture Studio. To learn more about Fireball Network and how they can help individuals and companies visit: fireballnetwork.com To learn more about the Coordinators Club and how you can get involved, check the schedule on smpsny.org, or contact Coordinators Club Chair, Carrie Snyder, Director of Marketing, LERA, carrie.snyder@lera.com.[/expand]