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Carrie Snyder Director of Marketing Leslie E. Robertson Associates

Carrie Snyder
  • Chair, SMPS-NY Coordinators Club
InDesign is the go to design tool for marketers to create promotional materials and proposals. The SMPS-NY Coordinators Club was lucky to have Keith Kennedy, Marketing Director from Mancini•Duffy to present his top time-saving InDesign Tips to the group. Hosted at the offices of Leslie E. Robertson Associates, Keith presented his tips live while creating a new template from scratch.

[expand title=”Click here to read more…”] To start, Keith suggests keeping the color palette simple and to setup color swatches for every file you create. A simple hierarchy of colors helps everything in the document fall into place. Keith discussed the importance of Paragraph Styles and Master Pages. No proposal should be created without them as they are the basis for a smooth workflow using pre-created design guidelines. One of the eye-openers Keith presented was Text Variables. Text Variables can be used in a variety of ways from footer info to titles and dates. If this content is updated, it can be changed in multiple places by editing it in one place. This removes room for error and assures spelling and facts are always correct. Global Lists was another tip presented which would be especially helpful for detailed proposal responses that required Table of Contents, lists of figures or addendum. If this content is switched in order, InDesign will automatically renumber the items as well, proving that smart software does exist. An easy to implement trick is to create a Character Style labeled “Need to Edit”. Highlight any text you are still working on with this Style and you can search for that Style under the Preflight Panel to find all information that still needs to be edited. Keith emphasized to the group that his knowledge was gained through in-depth online research combined with his curiosity and the ever present thought that there must be a better way. He suggested that all InDesign users take their issues and questions and ask Google, ask Adobe and check the Adobe Forums for advice from other users. Keith also mentioned he was glad to be an InDesign resource for SMPS-NY members, and took many detailed questions from the group. Learning best practices and sharing that information with others is what the Coordinators Club is all about, we were grateful to have Keith share his wisdom and many attendees expressed they would begin implementing the tips right away. As Keith said, now that our proposal process has been simplified, we can focus on the content. That is a tip all marketers can stand behind! Please take a look at pics from the event. [/expand]